Next Gen

Next-gen solutions for the customer access of the future.



We develop next-generation marketing strategies and have the latest tools & solutions for successful implementation.

NEXT-GEN marketing: our specialists and partners cover all relevant areas for your marketing setup of the future – from strategy and conception to successful implementation. We help you to reorganise your marketing, develop ecosystems and communities according to the latest principles and dynamise your customer journey, and we provide you with NEXT-GEN ideas and concepts for the customer access of the future.

Experiences is one of our specialties: we transform classic sponsoring or events into NEXT-GEN experience marketing, with strategies, platforms and solutions for your next generation of customers.

Take the NEXT-GEN Fitness Check now and find out how to reach your customers of tomorrow:



Thought leadership ecosystems enable the market access of the future. we are experts in building and developing 360° topic expertise.

Market access of the future: with classic market development via image and product campaigns and storytelling, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to reach the NEXT-GEN target groups. The future belongs to approaching customers through 360° topic expertise.

We accompany you in the development and expansion of your thought leadership competence and ecosystems, from the vision and topic strategy, to the conception, through to the successful realisation and implementation.

Success models: StrategyOne develops holistic ecosystems including product and service innovations, identifies suitable partnerships and collaborations, offers solutions for your online competence hub and community management, and designs the marketing and activation of the entire ecosystem.